Sorry, Hannah

…there won’t be many posts for a while.

No, it’s not because I’m lazy, disenchanted, or otherwise not up to the task or anything.  What it boils down to, is that my real world life has overtaken my digital blogging life. Continue reading

“Vote Pro-Life!” (Part 2)

(This second part is simply rambling musings by someone who has been in the trenches, has gone to pro-choice (in support) and pro-life (as a contrarian to present the other side) events and done the whole debate-the-issue thing.  I meant to publish it right after the Part One, but I got really busy with paper writing to do, and completely forgot.  Sorry.)

When I first became more feminist, I used to simply be pro-choice solely because I was a feminist, and that’s how feminists do.  But I was horrible at defending my position, and in fumbling, I only strengthened the opposition’s resolve.  Eventually, I had to have a long sit-down with myself about the issue, and reason out why it made sense to me. Continue reading

“Vote Pro-Life!” (Part One)

…how about “No”?

(I started this piece as a single thing, but when I got to where this part ends, I kept going, off into stuff that I felt would be better suited as a related but distinctly separate piece.  I’ll be posting the second part tonight.  It’s already written, but I want to give folks time to sink their teeth into this one.)

I make it no secret to the folks who follow me on Twitter that I live in very rural Alabama, and commute twice a week to semi-rural Georgia.  Every commute, I see the signs EVERYWHERE, trumpeting, “Vote Pro-Life!”

Ugh.  See, a lot of folks would think because my reproductive capacity at this point is next to nil, and will in the future be entirely nil, that I have no stake or interest in the Pro-Choice/Pro-Life debate.  Those folks would be rather wrong. Continue reading

“DIY” Addendum

…geez, I’m still getting hits from Reddit.

Soooo… the always awesome Erica, Inchoate linked my “DIY” article on Reddit.  My blog, which generally receives fewer than 5 hits a day and had been lingering at around 450 hits total since I first made it back in May, suddenly got about 600 hits in roughly 3 days.  My eyes popped out of their sockets when I saw the stats page on here.

And what happens when a blog article is posted on a news aggregation and social site like Reddit?  Well, they make comments on Reddit that they don’t post on here.  Fortunately, I used to have a Reddit account (now deleted), and I had little issue navigating the site to see what folks were saying.

Continue reading


…been there, done it.

For those reading this blog who are somehow not aware of this (seriously, how’d you end up here?), the health care system for trans folk is FUCKED (link goes to just one example from a blog I highly encourage people to read).

Assuming you’re the “perfect” patient for the medical end of transitioning, shit sucks.  Your therapist, assuming they’re actually not there to be a gatekeeping shithead, will write you a letter when you’re ready.  GREAT!  Now, gotta find a doctor who’ll take it and turn it into something.  Oh, boy, looks like your regular doctor doesn’t want to deal with that.  Transgender hormone therapy is, apparently, an arcane art practiced only by the few.  Oh, and he/she will probably not even wanna see you for non-trans stuff now, too, because you’ve become this quantum entity not treatable by their feeble “normal people” medicine.  So, you look for a referral.  Oh, geez.  They’re all booked up for the next four months?  Shit.  And on and on it goes from there.

It gets worse if you’re not “perfect”.

Continue reading

Fear of “Full-Time”

…it’s not just real, it’s REALLY REAL.

See, I’m sure in all the different Trans-related biographical (usually auto-biographical) materials– books, blogs, tweets, and such– out there, that many have talked about this before.  I’m probably working on well-trodden ground here.  Why do I say “probably”?  Well, I’ve not read too many, to be honest.  Well, blogs mostly, books less so.  It’s not that I’m not into supporting my sisters out there doing ground-breaking work by putting our stories out there.  Trust me, it’s awesome they are, and someday I might get around to reading them all. Continue reading

Writing about Writing

…is what this post is about.

(This post isn’t exactly directly gender-related. It’s very personal about my own experiences with writing. Why I write and how I write.  This is just something I need to do for me.  This sort of thing I usually do in a word processor and never post or show to anyone else.  But, I need more content on my blogs, to at least remind myself of how it feels to publish something out here in the internets.  If you’re looking for gender stuff, this is going to be light on it, save for little bits of my personal experiences.  So, if this isn’t your cup of tea, I won’t blame you for hitting the “Back” button or closing your tab.)

For some reason tonight, I feel compelled to write about writing.  Or at least, my writing.  I don’t know why, and that’s part of the fun part.  By the end of this, I will have likely figured it out.

I write for me. Continue reading


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